Combine Scanned PDFs in Reverse Order

I was faced a lot of times with the following problem: I canned some  documents with my one sided scanner, put the backside into the feeder of the scanner (thus scanned the backsides in reverse order), and then [hugh]… I spent hours to  cut-copy-paste the PDF together again. Finally I found a really good solution:

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Regular Expressions I always Need…

Find a couple of regular expressions, which I permanently need – I am updating the list continuously.

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Bibliography Reference Managers that Really Work!

For many times, I am getting asked from my students, what the best referencing software is. Don’t want to contemplate about the disadvantages of many of the commercial versions, but instead want to promote a great open-source solution. I am these tools since over 10 years, after having had many trials with other software, and it simply worked without any glitches. This solution is also great, as the file format for storing reference is in ASCII (BibTex format), thus can also be edited with any editor across all operating systems. My conclusion: JabRef + DocEar4Word = Great Tools for Managing References!

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PHP List Configuration Tips

Some tips how to automate the PHP list configuration.

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