Very unfortunately, my own homepages is continuously ‘under construction’! However, I plan to update this page with some of my current and past projects:

  • Current
    • TASS
    • Data Storytelling with Australian’s Energy Data
    • University Policy and Career Guides for Future Researchers
    • Serious Storytelling
  • Current
    • Cognitive Big Data
  •  Curtin University
    • PAV
    • Historical Panoramas
    • VR Display UX Testing
    • Film Production
    • Personalization
  • Tampere Univ. of Technology (TUT)
    • Media Convergence
    • Interactive Content for Immaterial Displays FogScreen
    • Metadata & MPEG-21 in digital interactive TV
    • ENTHRONE (EU-IST): Metadata
    • Digital Interactive TV Applications
    • Open Source Software Portable Personality (P2)
    • Film production
  • JKU Linz
    • Safety Critical Systems Development (Frequentis)
    • Engel Virtual Machine (Engel)

Current Projects

Cognitive Big Data – Making Data Human Understandable
In the public eye, ‘Big Data’ seems to be a rather disruptive innovation, giving birth to a wide range of new technologies, production processes, and perspectives for knowledge management. At the same time, one might argue as well that the Big Data phenomenon it is a mere incremental innovation which simply massively scales established methods of data processing. Therefore we developed a new framework for classifying Big Data, which we called "Cognitive Big Data".
  • Collaborators: Artur Lugmayr, Bjoern Stockleben
  • Publications:
    • Lugmayr, A., Stockleben, B., et al., 2017. Cognitive Big Data. Survey and Review on Big Data Research and its Implications: What is Really “New”? Cognitive Big Data! Journal of Knowledge Management (JMM), Emerald, 21(1). Available at:
    • Artur Lugmayr, Adam Grenfeld, and Danjing Joy Zhang, “Selected Advanced Data Visualizations: ‘The UX-Machine’, Cultural Visualisation, Cognitive Big Data, and Communication of Health and Wellness Data,” in Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on World Wide Web Companion, WWW ’17 Companion (Perth, Australia: International World Wide Web Conferences Steering Committee, 2017), 247–251,
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Head-Mounted Field of View Simulator User Testing in Maritime Object Detection Tasks
Search and Rescue (SAR) activities involve missions to rescue people that are lost or in danger as e.g. at sea. Today, still- and video-camera technologies e.g. mounted on drones, are increasingly being used to capture views that may not easily be accessible. To conduct user tests of different image presentations, we implement a head-mounted 360° FOV simulator to gain new insights into how to improve object detection in maritime contexts.
  • Authors: Susanna Soon, Artur Lugmayr, Andrew Woods, Tele Tan, Curtin's HIVE
  • Publications
    • Soon, A. Lugmayr, A. Woods, and T. Tan, “Understanding Head-Mounted Display FOV in Maritime Search and Rescue Object Detection,” in 2018 IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality (AIVR), 2018, pp. 116–119. 
    • Soon, A. Lugmayr, A. Woods, and T. Tan, “Head-Mounted FOV Simulator for User Testing of Maritime Object Detection Tasks,” in 2018 IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality (AIVR), 2018, pp. 183–184. 
  • Additional Material: [Poster PDF]
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Living Historical Documents (LiHiDo)
Frances Bussell was one of the first to document his journey in WA and life of early settlements through his diaries written in the yearly 1800s. Nevertheless, these are rather hard to decipher. We created an interactive experience by developing a serious game targeted towards school children aged 7-12. We developed the overall game concept, graphical design, and visualisation process. ...
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Curtin Co-Create (C3): Making Students Ready for SMEs and Self-Employment
Overal Project Goals According the Government of Western Australia, 97% of businesses are classified as small, with a share of 25% as micro (1-4 staff) and 10% small (5-19 staff), in numbers, 78.000 companies employ between 1-19 staff members. These combined contribute to 40 bn to the economy, and 20% to the gross state product (see [here]). In contrast to large scale corporations, SMEs require students with broader skill sets and graduate attributes than larger scale corporations. Due to mostly limited available resources, for these companies it is rather hard to collaborate with universities in teaching and research. To overcome this shortcoming, CuCo.Create (C3) aims to identify a model to co-create with SMEs and integrate these into a teaching environment to gain access to future employees, the creative talent of students, or which help them to become entrepreneurs. The project has three primary goals:
  • the importance of making students ready for SMEs or self-employment;
  • necessity of developing soft-skills and employability attributes;
  • innovative approaches in cross-disciplinary work.
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CirGO (Circular Gene Ontology) Software
Prioritisation of gene ontology terms from differential gene expression analyses in a two-dimensional format remains a challenge with exponentially growing data volumes. Typically, gene ontology terms are represented as tree-maps that enclose all data into defined space. However, large data sets make this type of visualisation appear cluttered and busy, and often not informative as some labels are omitted due space limits, especially when published in  two-dimensional (2D) figures. We developed an open source software visualisation tool freely available on github to overcome these limitations. ...
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The UX-MACHINE: Emotion Sensor Data Analysis Plattform
Gathering and interpreting usability data from distributed sensor networks is a rather challenging task. The tool is capable for recording, archiving, analysing, and interpreting sensor data from User eXperience (UX) experiments and is freely available to the community. Take your smart city, urban informatics, smart living, audience research project to the next level with The UX-Machine.
  • Curtin Commercial Award Winner, Humanities Price, 2017: UX-Machine to Analyse Human Emotions
  • Software & Algorithm Development: Artur Lugmayr
  • Authors: Artur Lugmayr, Stuart Bender
  • Publications:
    • Lugmayr, A. & Bender, S., 2016a. Free UX Testing Tool: The LudoVico UX Machine for Physiological Sensor Data Recording, Analysis, and Visualization for User Experience Design Experiments. In Proceedings of the SEACHI 2016 on Smart Cities for Better Living with HCI and UX. SEACHI 2016. San Jose, CA, USA: ACM, pp. 36–41. Available at:
    • Artur Lugmayr, Adam Grenfeld, and Danjing Joy Zhang, “Selected Advanced Data Visualizations: ‘The UX-Machine’, Cultural Visualisation, Cognitive Big Data, and Communication of Health and Wellness Data,” in Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on World Wide Web Companion, WWW ’17 Companion (Perth, Australia: International World Wide Web Conferences Steering Committee, 2017), 247–251,
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Data Storytelling: Immersive Visualisation of Australian’s Energy Data
Within the scope of this project, we present a design prototype for data story telling in an 3D large scale immersive environment of financial data of Australia’s energy sector. We review existing 3D visualization approaches in finance industry, discuss the technical setup of the prototype, explore design considerations, and approaches to make financial information understandable for everyone through a gamification concept. We illustrate the potential of immersive virtual environments. The prototype illustrates the potential of large scale immersive environments in understanding market events and the exploration of large multidimensional data-sets.
  • Authors: Artur Lugmayr, Yi Juin Lim, Joshua Hollick, Joyce Khuu, Felix Chan
  • YouTube Video:
  • Publications:
    • A. Lugmayr, Y. J. Lim, J. Hollick, J. Khuu, and F. Chan, “Financial Data Visualization in 3D on Immersive Virtual Reality
      Displays: A Case-Study for Data Storytelling and Information Visualization of Financial Data of Australia’s Energy
      Sector,” in Enterprise Applications and Services in the Finance Industry, 2018,
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Past Projects

Augmented Reality (AR) for Child Road Safety Training
Children killed or seriously injured through road accidents can be avoided through an appropriate safety training. Through play and engagement children learn and understand hazards at i.e. railway stations, bus stops, crossings, school zones, train stations, footpaths, or while cycling. We developed a rapid prototype of an Augmented Reality (AR) safety training proof-of-concept demonstrator for a scaled real-world model of dangerous road hazards. Two scenarios have been picked to give children the possibility to apply, and acquire knowledge of road safety: 1. handling emergency situations and informing authorities; 2. correct behavior at a bus stop on arrival/departure of a bus. In this paper we discuss our design approach, outline the technical implementation of the system, and give a brief overview of our lessons learned.
  • Collaborators: Constable Care Child Safety Foundation
  • Authors: Artur Lugmayr, Xim Wei Lim, Joyce Tsang, Will Hobbs, Toby, Mathew Farmer, Joshua De Broer, Alex Tate, Adam Greenfeld, Sebastian Becker, Matilda Fry
  • Duration: August 2016 - November 2017
  • Publications
    • Lugmayr, J. Tsang, T. Williams, C. X. Lim, Y. Y. Teo, and M. Farmer, “Children Road Safety Training with Augmented Reality (AR) [Demo],” in Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Semantic Ambient Media Experiences (SAME 2017): Artificial Intelligence MEETS Virtual and Augmented Worlds (AIVR), in Conjunction with SIGGRAPH Asia, 2017, no. 2017/2, Bankok, Thailand,
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Ambient Media – “Ubiquitous” and “Pervasive” Computers as a New Form for Interaction Design
For quite some time I have been investigating 'ambient media' - media empowered by ubiquitous and pervasive computers. The term 'ambient' refers to "ambient intelligence", a research initiative from the EU. Ambient media are media objects embedded throughout our natural environment. I investigated theories, technologies, business impact, and effects on human-computer-interaction in ambient environments.
  • Collaborators: rather many.... 
  • Workshops: Semantic Ambient Media Experience (SAME) series
  • Weblinks: [iAMEA - international Ambient Media Association]
  • Key Publications:
    • Lugmayr, E. Serral, A. Scherp, B. Pogorelc, and M. Mustaquim, “Ambient media today and tomorrow,” Multimedia Tools and Applications, vol. 71, 2014, pp. 7–37 Available:
    • Lugmayr, E. Serral, A. Scherp, B. Pogorelc, and M. Mustaquim, “Ambient media today and tomorrow,” Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2013, pp. 1–31 Available:
    • Pogorelc, A. Lugmayr, B. Stockleben, R.-D. Vatavu, N. Tahmasebi, E. Serral, E. Stojmenova, B. Imperl, T. Risse, G. Zenz, and M. Gams, “Ambient bloom: new business, content, design and models to increase the semantic ambient media experience,” Multimedia Tools and Applications, vol. 66, 2013, pp. 7–32 Available:
    • Lugmayr, Y. Zou, B. Stockleben, K. Lindfors, and C. Melakoski, “Categorization of ambient media projects on their business models, innovativeness, and characteristics—evaluation of Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Award Projects of 2010,” Multimedia Tools and Applications, vol. 66, 2013, pp. 33–57 Available:
    • Lugmayr, “Connecting the real world with the digital overlay with smart ambient media—applying peirce’s categories in the context of ambient media,” Multimedia Tools and Applications, vol. 58, pp. 385–398, 2012. [Online]. Available: http://­­10.1007/­s11042-010-0671-3
    • Pogorelc, R.-D. Vatavu, A. Lugmayr, ...
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Design Thinking and Industry Close Teaching Methods
I always have been exploring teaching methods which will make students industry ready. This includes internships, work integrated learning, design thinking, and integrating industry demanded ways of working as e.g. agile into my classes.
  • Collaborators: SMEs, innovation hubs, international partners, among many others...
  • Key Outcomes: 2 Curtin University TASS grants (Curtin Co-Create (C3) and start-up grant)
  • Publications: 
    • Lugmayr, B. Stockleben, Y. Zou, S. Anzenhofer, and M. Jalonen, “Applying Design Thinking in the context of media management education,” Multimedia Tools and Applications, vol. 71, 2014, pp. 119–157 Available:
    • Lugmayr. Applying "Design Thinking" as method for teaching in media education. In A. Lugmayr, H. Franssila, C. Safran, and I. Hammouda, editors, Proceedings of the 15th International Academic MindTrek Confernece: Envisioning Future Media Environments, pages 332–334, Tampere, Finland, 2011
    • Lugmayr, M. Jalonen, Y. Zou, L. Libin, and S. Anzenhofer. "Design Thinking" in media management education - a practical hands-on approach. In A. Lugmayr, T. Risse, B. Stockleben, J. Kaario, B. Pogorelc, and E. S. Asensio, editors, 4th Semantic Ambient Media Experience (SAME) Workshop in Conjunction with the 5th International Convergence on Communities and Technologies, Brisbane, Australia, June 2011
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New Electronic Media (NELME) Foresight
Contributed to the WP 4 "Ambient Media Experience" to investigate the future of electronic media, in particular for broadcasters. We developed multiple scenarios for the years 2013, 2016, 2018, and 2020 and utilized a Delphi approach underlying our research work. I focused on investigating the effect of 'intelligent media' in home media consumption scenarios.
  • Authors: Ville Ollikainen Erkki Aalto, Jorma Kivelä, Timo Kuula, Marja Liinasuo, Ulf Lindqvist, Artur Lugmayr, Harri Maho, Leena Norros, Anu Seisto, Hao Zheng 
  • Industry Partners: Yle, Anvia, MTV, Tieto, Sofia Digital, Genelec, Jutel, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes) 
  • Weblinks: [2016 Foresight Report]
  • Publications:
    • Ollikainen, E. Aalto, J. Kivelä, T. Kuula, M. Liinasuo, U. Lindqvist, A. Lugmayr, H. Maho, L. Norros, A. Seisto, and H. Zheng. (2012) New electronic media (NELME) - 2016 foresight. VTT Technical Research Center of Finland.
    • Zheng, Y. Fu, and A. Lugmayr, “The development of ambient TV in 2016,” in Proceeding of the 16th International Academic MindTrek Conference, ser. MindTrek ’12. New York, NY, USA: ACM, 2012, pp. 233–236. [Online]. Available: http://­­10.1145/­2393132.2393183
    • Lugmayr and H. Zheng, “Forecasting the usage of ambient media in TV broadcasting in the year 2016,” in Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Semantic Ambient Media Experience (SAME), A. Lugmayr, T. Risse, B. Stockleben, J. Kaario, B. Pogorelc, and E. S. Asensio, Eds. Tampere University of Technology (TUT), 2012.
    • Lugmayr, M. Friedrichsen, and H. Zheng, “Public broadcasting in the year 2020: Development of a roadmap of challenges for public service broadcasters to 2020,” G. F. Lowe, F. Martin, and P. Chadwick, Eds. Melbourne, Australia: The University of Sydney, September 2012. [Online]. Available: http://­­conference2012/­workgroups
    • Lugmayr, V. Ollikainen, T. Aalto, ...
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In-Air Interaction: Interactivity for FogScreens
Together with FogScreen - a really great Finnish start-up, I contributed to develop in-air interaction and developed the some of the worldwide first interactive content for it. We managed to create the very first in-air interaction method for displays screens floating in mid-air. I utilized the Torque2D game engine for developing an interactive computer game for kids, among a wide range of other interactive content.
  • Collaborators: Mika Piirto, Andrew Darlington, Ismo Rakkolainen
  • Interactive Software: Artur Lugmayr
  • Publications
    • Rakkolainen and A. Lugmayr, "Immaterial Display for Interactive Advertisements," in ACM Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology, Salzburg, Austria, 2007, pp. 95-98
    • Artur Lugmayr, Mika Piirto, "Implementation of "Looney" - Designing an Interactive Game for Children on FogScreens," in SIGGRAPH 2006 MA, Boston, 2006, 10.1145/1179622.1179676
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Pioneering the Introduction of Interactive Digital Television: Future TV Project + Future Interaction TV Project
We have been definitely pioneering interactive digital TV! At the Dept. of Signal Processing/Digital Media Institute at Tampere Univ. of Technology we really broke ground by developing the first platforms and services for interactive digital TV. Future Interaction TV Demo Video ...
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