Very unfortunately, my own homepages is continuously ‘under construction’! However, I plan to update this page with some of my current and past projects:

  • Portable Personality (P2)
  • Serious Storytelling
  • Cognitive Big Data
  • Text Sentiment Analysis of Financial Data
  • Semantic Ambient Media
  • Media Convergence
  • University Policy and Career Guides for Future Researchers
  • Interactive Content for Immaterial Displays
  • Film Production
  • Personalization
  • Metadata & QoS in Digital TV
  • MPEG-21 in Digital Interactive TV
  • Interactive TV Applications

Current Projects

The UX-MACHINE: Emotion Sensor Data Analysis Plattform

The UX-MACHINE: Emotion Sensor Data Analysis Plattform

Gathering and interpreting usability data from distributed sensor networks is a rather challenging task. The tool is capable for recording, archiving, analysing, and interpreting sensor data from User eXperience (UX) experiments and is freely available to the community. Take your smart city, urban informatics, smart living, audience research project to the next level with The UX-Machine.