Information Systems and Management in eMedia and Creative Industries

Artur Lugmayr, Robert Wellington, Emilija Stojmenova, Katarina Stanoevska

Springer-Verlag, 2016/2017


Special Focus on NEW Approaches in the eMedia Industries, or Approaches HOW eMedia Support Information Systems: Strategic Importance of IT ans IS&M in Media, Big Data, Crowd, Open Data, Linked Data, Cloud Application, New Business Analytics, Information Visualization, Workflow Management, IS&M as Basis of New Business Models of New Media Products, and Global Digital Production Pipelines



According to Gartner published in Techcrunch, communications media and services are the 3rd largest IT systems spenders with a yearly growth rate of 4.4% with a share of approx.  $4  billion  in  2011,  after  banking  & securities  and  manufacturing  &  natural  resources  1.  For example, the TV industry was faced with tremendous change in technologies during the past decade, such as the digital   switchover,   the   introduction   of   HDTV,   or   the provision of 3D content. Large scale asset repositories and different workflows in the content production process had to be introduced.  Other  media  industries faced  similar  challenges,  as  the  emergence  of digital  publishing,  digital  content  distribution,  or advancement  of  in-house  customer  relationship management infrastructures, and the digitalization of workflows. 

This change towards digital implies a more holistic view of information systems and management in media industries to provide optimal system solutions, and eventually cut costs. Where other industries are well researched in terms of their IT system solutions, in media industries the discussion around content repositories, media management solutions, and digital workflows seems to be predominant. Within the context of this publication, a more holistic view towards information systems and management in media industries shall be introduced, and emphasize the importance of research of business information management and systems in media industries.

The media and entertainment industry is the third largest industry segment for investments in information systems. And this particular industry segment is faced with tremendous challenges in terms of organizational, transformational, leadership, customer behaviour, and technological changes. One particular challenge is the transformation of the analogue media world into its digital counterpart. As of today, the successive research of business information management and systems focusing on media and entertainment industries is rather fragmented and stretches over a wide area of research islands such as social media, eCommerce, or eBusiness.

To face this challenge, this book focuses on information management and systems for media and entertainment industries and highlighting their particular needs in production, distribution, and consumption. The book shall gather a scientific community around the theme of business information management and systems in the larger context of media and entertainment industries.

Special Focus on the Notion NEW approaches of Content and Media in Information Systems & Management Applications in Particular in Application Areas as: Big Data, Crowd, Open Data, Linked Data, Cloud Application, New Business Analytics, Information Visualization, Workflow Management, and Global Digital Production Pipelines.

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Management, Marketing, Business Aspects and Strategic Importance of IT and IS&M in Creative eMedia Industries
o IS as basis of new business models/new media products
o business process modelling
o customer intelligence either in real-time / non-real-time
o enterprise systems and project management
o subscriber management & marketing
o business model innovations and analytics
o personalized and individualized offerings to increase consumer loyalty
o increase revenue from intellectual property (IP) rights and royalties
o financial performance management
o marketing and targeted marketing for media services and consumer feedback management
o subscriber management & marketing
o target  niche  groups  and  create  new revenue  streams
o increase  revenue  from  intellectual property (IP) rights and royalties
o financial performance management
Consumer, Audience, Human-Computer-Interaction, and User Viewpoints
*perception of media content in systems
*understanding audiences, advertisement statistics, audience trends,  and audience  preferences
*social media analysis and marketing
*collaborative productions
*customer intelligence either in real-time / non- real-time
*marketing  and  targeted  marketing  for media services and consumer feedback management
*target niche groups and create new revenue streams
*personalized and individualized offerings to increase consumer  loyalty
*the behavioural, cognitive, motivational and affective aspects of human and technology interaction in media and content production
*digital documents/genres; human information seeking and web navigation behaviours; human information interaction; information visualization in media industries
*behavioural information security and information assurance; privacy and trust in human technology interaction
*user interface design and evaluation for various applications in business, managerial, organizational domains in media
*integrated and/or innovative approaches, guidelines, and standards or metrics for human centred analysis, design, construction, evaluation, and use of interactive devices and information systems
*information systems usability engineering; universal usability
*the impact of interfaces/information technology on people’s attitude, behaviour, performance, perception, and productivity
*the elderly, the young, and special needs populations for new applications, modalities, and multimedia interaction in content/media industry
*user-centred/participatory/informed design and evaluation for different types of applications in a variety of contexts in the media and content industries.
Technology Perspective of the Usage of Media in IS&M in Media Industry and the Application of Media in IS&M across Domains: Technology, Processes, Workflows, Infrastructures and Global Production Pipelines
o digital content End-to-End
o data  warehousing; digital archiving & asset management
o data warehousing
o digital archiving & asset management
o digital workflows and workflow management
o workflow management applications
o process automation
o IT supporting new services: cloud, big data, crowd, linked data, and open data
o Decision making systems using media content
o …
Methods, Approaches, and Importance of IT and Information Systems and Management in Media - Media and Content as Part of IS&M across Application Domains
o impact of media in IS&M (e.g. business case calculation)
o information systems research methods
o system analysis and design
o design methods and approaches, including visual design
o methods in human-computer-interaction and IS&M
o information quality and measurement
o evaluation of the impact of IS in media
o methods for performance management, business model innovations, and analytics
o …
Content, Service, Application, and Artistic Viewpoint on IS&M in Media and Creativity Industries
o IS & media services targeted to the end consumer
o open data and linked data applications
o Big Data related to media industry and for vertical industries (government, healthcare, …)
o crowd-funding and crowd-sourcing applications and for market research and innovation
o media for/media industry and cloud applications
o digital production management applications
o knowledge visualization & management
o digital storytelling (serious and entertainment contexts)
o …

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