My Flying Blog (Version: 14th January 2021)

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  • [14 JAN 2021] blog entry created & MUCH updates are still required…..

A few good resources that I have been collecting during my flying training. I hope they will help you to polish your skills and get up to standard. I will update this blog entry continuously, therefore I hope you come back to see what I have been adding. However, I don’t take any responsibility if you follow those guidelines and you end up in an incipient spin at 50 AGL. But I did my best to publish all the materials as thoroughly as possible.

A must read, before you even enter the cockpit. A must re-read, after the RPL, and a must re-read after the PPL ?

Here are some great links that I follow(ed) regularly:

Here are some major Australian resources if you want to kick start flying:

Some Things that I Created – Feel Free to Use them!

Navigation Sheet (beta version)

To move away from hand-written Nav boards, I have been creating a PDF version. It’s currently in ‘beta version’, thus there is still a bit to do. Note, that I created this form with having a C172 or

Come back in February 2021, and I will have: automated fuel calculations, pressure height calculations, TODR, LDR, traverse the form fields with the tab key, EET, SAR, W&B, etc.

Some Things That are Still Coming

  • POH Cessna 172:
  • POH Cessna 152: