Augmented Reality (AR) for Child Road Safety Training [Constable Care Child Safety Foundation]

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Children killed or seriously injured through road accidents can be avoided through an appropriate safety training. Through play and engagement children learn and understand hazards at i.e. railway stations, bus stops, crossings, school zones, train stations, footpaths, or while cycling. We developed a rapid prototype of an Augmented Reality (AR) safety training proof-of-concept demonstrator for a scaled real-world model of dangerous road hazards. Two scenarios have been picked to give children the possibility to apply, and acquire knowledge of road safety: 1. handling emergency situations and informing authorities; 2. correct behavior at a bus stop on arrival/departure of a bus. In this paper we discuss our design approach, outline the technical implementation of the system, and give a brief overview of our lessons learned.

  • Collaborators: Constable Care Child Safety Foundation
  • Authors: Artur Lugmayr, Xim Wei Lim, Joyce Tsang, Will Hobbs, Toby, Mathew Farmer, Joshua De Broer, Alex Tate, Adam Greenfeld, Sebastian Becker, Matilda Fry
  • Duration: August 2016 – November 2017
  • Publications
    • Lugmayr, J. Tsang, T. Williams, C. X. Lim, Y. Y. Teo, and M. Farmer, “Children Road Safety Training with Augmented Reality (AR) [Demo],” in Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Semantic Ambient Media Experiences (SAME 2017): Artificial Intelligence MEETS Virtual and Augmented Worlds (AIVR), in Conjunction with SIGGRAPH Asia, 2017, no. 2017/2, Bankok, Thailand, http://www.ambientmediaassociation.org/Journal/index.php/series/article/view/284