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  • Human-Computer-Interaction & Interaction Design
  • Virtual Reality, Computer Graphics, Augmented Reality, eXtended Reality
  • Data Visualization
  • Multimedia Systems & Media Technology
  • Ambient Intelligence
  • Databases and Multimedia Asset Management
  • Media Business & Management

One of Artur’s passions is teaching, and his vision is to “engage and fascinate students, and provide the very best service for students”. He hopes to also offer good advice for their future pathways, which might help them in the future, especially if they want to join the academic community. He is currently establishing the Visualisation Technologies MSc./BSc. course at Curtin University in Australia. He has also been teaching and helping the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, with the Association of Academics without Borders Canada (AAWBC) within their PhD teaching curriculum building. He previously established the Digital Media Management major study program at the Tampere University of Technology in Finland. His previous courses at universities are crossovers between the fields of humanities, technology, and business: business/management/IS in media industries, ubiquitous and pervasive computation, digital games, intelligent/smart media, computer graphics/VR/AR, digital television, mass media, and mass communication. Currently he is supervising four PhD theses, and since 2000 he has supervised/examined 6+ PhD thesis, 26+ MSc theses, 7+ BSc theses, and 40+ student projects.